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I read those words in Psalm 23 last week some time. You gave it a lovely application.
This is a touching take on one of the world's favorite scriptures! The author is very polished and very very good. I was held through to the end by the excellent pacing and top notch delivery. Looks like a top 8 to me!
loved the line... "God needed me." ; - )
Beautiful ... you've made the application of this Psalm so obvious ... thanks. It's a favourite psalm of mine, too. Thanks.
Wonderful! I like the little details like the flowery oven mitts, and you share your lesson without preachifying. Good job!
Wow - this is really well-written. I love your application of the Psalm and I'm so glad you shared this experience with us.
Yes! Good one! Great application and take on this Psalm! And great writing too. Enjoyed this very much!
Sometimes God does need to really get our attention to make us slow down doesn't He? very well done.
This was your time to "lie fallow" like the fields of Israel every seventh year. And then when it was planted again, the land would produce even more abundantly. We all need to "lie down". Well done.
You touched on secret thoughts of all of us. Good job and a compelling read.
Sometimes, even when he makes us lie down, we still try to get up. Good message, timely and well delivered. Thanks.
Yes, great job on this one! I went through a similar experience and your details are perfectly brought it back to me. Wonderful tie in with Psalm 23!
I agree---I pick this to be a winner!
Lisa glanced around then snatched my Bible from the desk. Tossing it in my lap, she said, “There ya go. You’re always saying you can’t find the time.” - Loved that! In fact, I loved everything about this piece. The story, the flow, the dialogue - all exceptional. Wonderful work!