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How cute! Light-bulb-arians! You sure had a 'bright idea' for this one! Lots of fun!! I enjoyed it!
Great story! As a former teacher I can identify with this story repeated in classrooms everywhere. A fun read, thanks for sharing and taking me back to "good ole days," of teaching imaginative and creative children.
This is my favorite part!

“Danger is my name and adventure is my game,” Benjamin chuckled, ignoring the ominous warning, heading straight over to his newly acquired spacecraft, ‘Intergalactic Nebulous Okey-Dokey One.’

And someone had a good time with this as anyone who reads it will! What a fun and creative read! Loved this getaway of the mind. (speaking of the reader's!)

Wonderful imaginative story - a real treat. Try to limit exclamation points and steer your ship away from gerunds and you have a wonderful offering.
FUN! I can't think of a better adjective for this piece. You obviously have a real insight into the mind of a little boy ... but link it to us boring adults by seeing it also from the stiletto-shod teacher's point of view. EXCELLENT!
I'm curious: was the writer of this piece perhaps a "Ben" when a child? Oh dear, does this mean I should no longer tell my kids off for daydreaming. What a fun read. Well done.
That was SO much fun! I could see that as a children's book :)
How cute! And I love the "pick-pock" of the teacher's stiletto heels.
There was a discussion on the boards the other day about Calvin and Hobbes - well you have painted a picture of Calvin with your words - well done
What a story! You kept me in from begining to end.

The phrase I loved most is..."Commander Benjamin A. Starbust calling the Supreme Commander-In-Chief, Lord Most High, PLEASE HELP ME!"
Instantly the escape plan downloaded into Benjamin`s mind.
Wonderful imagination,
This was great!! The first paragraph bogged it down just a little--I would like to see it a little smaller. I loved the way you kept it real to a child's imagination with great names like Intergalactic Nebulous Okey-Dokey One. LOL
Too good. It read like a kids daydream. Certainly had enough action! Good work!
Good job...I got so caught up in the adventure of it all that I forgot it began with a school boy's daydream. Then you brought me back to fun.
Very fun and clever story! A wonderfully entertaining read. Well done!
Blessings, Lynda
What a fun read! Loved going on this adventure with Ben. Bet your boys enjoyed it too. Yeggy
This is almost too cute for words!
Awww... bet you got the inspiration from your kids!
:P I want another! More fanciful daydreams.