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Loved it! Funny and to the point....I needed to hear this, too. Thanks for sharing!
Great presentation technique. Enjoyable read.
Really cute style of writing! I could see this guy trying to make sense of the bible. Good point at the end!!
I really enjoyed this piece. It's well-written and FUNNY! I love your sense of humor. The point about fixing his buddies problem, but living people have to ask-- that was thought-provoking and an excellent insight. Great job!
Is this you Kenny? lol. Great story. Hilarious and right to the point. Awesome.
This was really good,written with wit and highly impacting.
I just loved it all through,you have Blessed my soul.
Funny and a good read. God bless.
Like your casual, conversational style. The story was an easy read with some great points as mentioned above. I can see it especially appealing to teens - or anyone who prefers getting their deep Biblical theology in layman's terms (like me :)
I loved this! Every once in awhile you come across words that are worth repeating. I think these fit the bill...

"Cure a sick guy - you’re good.
Cure a dead guy - you’re God.
Pretty ingenious."

Good job!
This is such a guy article ..... I could tell by this quote: "I have been faithful the whole 14 or 15 years or so that we’ve been married" No woman would ever say 14 or 15 years! lol!

Good modern day retelling of a great great story. The title was perfect! Keep it up!
Great humor - I liked this one -fun title, too! Good job!
LOL - I don't think I've ever heard the story of Lazarus quite that way before! Very entertaining read - great humor. Too fun!
Blessings, Lynda
Just as in your Adam And Eve story, there's always a member who comments: "I don't believe I've ever heard this version of the Adam & Eve story, or the Lazarus story before"...and it cracks me up! If I'd heard your versions of the Biblical stories long ago...perhaps I wouldn't have strayed so far from God for forty years! Keep 'em coming, my friend!
This was by far your best title. That's also my favorite story from Jesus' life and ministry (aside from THE Ressurection). Yeah, you definately need an online blog HINT HINT...
Yeah, me again. "A disciple is like an Associate Pastor , only Jesus had twelve of them."

I almost wet myself. That answered, like, 8 questions I've had throughout my life...
Yep, come on, Kenny, do what Kris says and get yourself an online blog then find some way to let me know about it (Kris has my e-mail address) so I can read it! I LOVED this!