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Very well-written.
A very well done telling of the story. But, one little nitpick -I don't think I would have refered to the music as "Eastern" because that's a more modern term :) I liked the dream sequence.
I loved the visuals and the contrasts... from the 'delicious liquid' to the 'pig-slops.' I was taken in from the beginning... thinking it was the older son questioning the party, not realizing it was a dream... very cleverly done.
I liked the use of the dream. I too thought it was told from the older brother's POV and was wondering why it was taking so long for him to recognise the important guest as his own brother. LOL. Well written - as always.
As I was reading I was struck by the thought that for some reason the prodical knew he could go home. Even though he fully desired a lesser postition - he knew he could go home. Just like we always can, to our Heavenly Father. Good work! Kept me 'til the end!
Yes, I too was 'conned' initially into thinking it was about the older son. Clever you. What an intereting and engaging take, turning the story on its head and giving the end before the beginning.
Beautifully written, and I like the shift from presnet tence in the dream to past tense in reality. A masterful touch.
ooOOoo This was really good. I was so surprised that he was dreaming! I think you did very well portraying his thoughts and emotions. The bible does not go into great detail so often with such things but rather leaves some things to the imagination. You did an excellent job on this.
Beautifully written, I'm so glad I read this one.

Thank you for this beautiful and unique take on a very well-known story, and so perfect for the Home topic.
Ah, yes. Nicely written.. and great message in there too. Thank you for sharing it!
Very well constructed - loved your opening with the dream. I never thought deeply about the son waking up with the pigs but you described a realistic scenario. Great take on topic. Cleverly and creatively done!
Blessings, Lynda
Clever move, that surprise realization that it was just a dream.

Your choice of words, as always, is quite exquisite!