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A slice of all too real life! The matter of fact, candid style works well here.
Mary's internal dialog was very realistically written. A very good piece of writing!
Man, how shamefully I relate to Mary! This was well written; it could have been a little slice of my life, for sure!
Ooh, even without small children, I identify way too strongly with this! Well done!

Just today, I stood sadly at the kitchen cupboard, realizing that all my Christmas treats are gone and the only thing left to snack on was fruit. I felt sorry for myself, then thought how pathetic the whole scene was!

Your piece brings to light a common problem for many women, and perhaps could even be submitted somewhere like a health magazine, or baby magazine or something, to help women realize the ridiculous trap into which we fall?

Good job. And yeah, the last line was a little abrupt, but it was a solid conclusion - it is sometimes hard to wrap up well.
So realistic and the dialogue was great. The early references to Martin being away I took to mean that he'd left her (and considering her attitude, who could blame him! LOL). The last line was unnecessary - perhaps you could have finished it with her picking up another treat before going to feed the baby or some such thing. Very well done. Blessings, Jules.
Isn't it strange that the things we rely on to escape are actually a bridge to true captivity?
Good realistic writing.
This story no doubt will touch a convicting nerve with many readers who also struggle with certain eating habits. I know....I'm one of them. :-)

Well done - very realistic - you hit the nail on the head.
Suprised this one didn't make it in, K.
It was great. I think we can all relate.
It's a good last line as well. You kinda left it hanging.
You could do a sequel? :) Maybe?