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Hehe, very interesting style. I liked it.
Just great! Really great.
I just simply loved this one!
Good voice. I liked your style..very easy and felt as though you were speaking to me..just hanging out somewhere.
Haha! A fun read making a great point about escaping into the Lord.
Funny, but deep too. I love this piece. I'm currently visiting Faithwriterland to escape laundry and dishes.
Ditto! I just escaped from "Dullsville" by reading this piece. I wish somebody would give me "Odds" on who wrote it...I think I have him nailed! Great job! Loved the down home chat, then the serious Closet scene...alone with God. Kudos!
loved it- I love reading essays written in "commonspeak"- very witty.
Great sense of humor woven throughout the piece! Good way to grab an audience by writing about "pop culture" but ending with God.
very funny! well written and brings the reader to a great truth. now, where did i put my Imperials wishes on winning!
You'd be a great columnist, maye you are already. I always enjoy reading a man's humorous view of things, there are far too many women's views on the events of the day.
Hilarious, observational article, with a vital point at the end. Well done!!!
A fun read with a definite punch! Loved the easy conversational tone...very "real"...comfortable and approachable. This made me want to take a deep breath (sigh) and give myself permission to escape!
Dear me Kenny! That was fabulous. (sorry I haven't e-mailed you back yet, I was out of town.) You always do a fabulous job on your writing pieces and this one is no exception. Someone hire this guy!!!!!
Had to go back and catch a few of the past challenges - this was great! I read it out loud to my hubby -and almost coudln't finish from laughing lol :)