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Well done! Nice piece of writing here. I believe you and I were led to write along a similar theme. In "A Tale of Two Trees" I also wrote about the way trees enjoy being used by God and how the harvesting and processing of the wood is similar to the way we are transformed by God's work in us. I think the Holy Spirit gave us both a common insight. I love how He works!
Nicely done. I enjoyed this! Love means sacrifice...and witness to the truth...and influence.
Oh I loved this! Gave me chills when the last tree was used. Wonderful!
Yes, it might hurt some, or hurt very much, or even take your very life. But being used by God is worth it, little ones, very much worth it.

This is precious. Thank you!
Wow! I liked the middle of this article when the purpose that God had for the questioning tree became clearer.
Sometimes being used for God's work hurts, just as you noted in this wonderful piece.
God bless!
May I be the first to Congratulate you for your Place on the Editor's Choice. Congratulations! I missed reading your entry before, and perhaps if you hadn't been Up There - I may have missed your beautifully written masterpiece! I loved it! The Judges evidently loved it! Great Job! It is so touching, so creative and God bless!
Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all 'let all the world see His Word, Jesus Christ, written on every part of your (our) being.' Congratulations! Yeggy.
Congratulations my precious sister in Christ Jesus. You deserved to be honoured and chosen by the Editors. A magnificent 'must-read' article. Well done Brenda!!
"A Divine Fate" - Great title for an inspired piece of writing. Well done! Great thoughts.