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Well done! I was hoping someone would write about the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil. I think you captured it well. The events of the garden are rarely seen from the view of other creations. Wonderful! And to also see the path that was set before Christ at that moment is a powerful message.
Speaking from the tree's point of view seems to be the theme this week! This is so well written with the message of hope that God gives us when we are so undeserving! Thank you.
From perfection to loss to the promise of said it all! Good work - fluid and complete.
Very unique perspective! You commented that the woman called the serpent a "snake;" I am not sure that the serpent had as of yet been cursed. I was also confused by the use of the term "innocents" on a couple of occassions. I enjoyed the fact that you gave this tree compassion!
I thought I knew the story of mankind's fall, and yet this chilled me. You painted the intent of the evil one very well. These are my favorite phrases and sentences: "until a way of re-entry could be provided for them."(What hope!) "The silence that fills this place is no longer serene. It's mournful and desolate. The Father has lost his children and every creature feels his grief." (This statement makes me feel sad, too.)
The ending sentences are wonderful! Thank you for sharing this!

I'm so glad I made it to read this in Advanced..this was so wonderfully written. I love the viewpoint you wrote it from. Very descriptive and full of real emotions.
What can I say? I am still weeping! Such beauty, such talent, such heartache and so much love! "The Loss of Innocence"! Wow! The ending! Words cannot come to mind to express my feelings of grief, regret, and longing to make things right with my Father. Standing ovation here!
All the elements of this story work together to make it engaging and interesting. I particularly like the change of tense at the end and the note of hope the Father and Son’s conversation brings. Yeggy