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I enjoyed the idea of persistence and patience her, but it was hard to stay with the essence of the story due to a few errors. Too bad, would have liked to see its flow be less hindered.
And, as we can all see, we all make mistakes, just like I did in the message above. I'd love to help you with the speck in your eye, but the boulder in mine prevents me from seeing clearly.
You make the point that the bamboo seed is so hard that it has to crack before it can begin to grow;that this takes much time. This truth seems to be central to this piece, but it needs further development. This is a wonderful idea for a devotional. I'd like to see you work with it.
This would flow more easily in conventional paragraph format. And in reality, bamboo is a grass. Nevertheless, your lesson is beautiful!
This category is Advanced; so therefore I assume that the little errors are just...perhaps like a bad hair day - typo's that popped up unexpectedly. (smile) However, it had a good lesson about patience. Thank you for sharing.
Patience and determination. Sigh. A good example from nature.