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Thanks for transporting me to a time and place that interests me but sometimes seems so academic. You've really brought it to life. Well done.
This is great Biblical fiction! A very realistic and well-told story!
You have managed to take a small obscure passage of Scripture and brought it to life! This is a gift. I loved the last line: "It was Spring, the time that Kings go to war..." It ties it all together and also seems so rhythmic like the sound of marching feet. Well done.

This was even more poignant against the backdrop of our own country's engagement in Iraq. How many sons wish their Dad to be home to do the things that dads and sons enjoy together?
Your characters were well-developed, the dialogue very good.
I, too, liked the last statement, "It was Spring, the time that Kings go to war..." Good note that David stayed behind in Jerusalem, and lest we forget, this led to his fall with Bathsheba. Good job!
Wow! What a creative take on Spring! And written so creativly the reader is transported to a Biblical time we never have thought about! This is really great!
This is a fine piece of storytelling. Nice!
This piece built on a scrap of God's Word carries so much in it. There are many battles in Spring between bird and beast, earth and the elements,
new Christians and the enemy.

There are Australian fathers at war in Iraq and what a timely reminder this is.
Who says God's Word is dead, when skilled authors like you can show the life it carries from generation to generation.
If you write the book I'll be first in line to buy!! Great Biblical fiction!
Verrrrrrrryy well written!!! WOW!
Loved the personalization of this scripture from a detailed relational point of view. It really came to life! Good job!
Oh, hon!
You're back in your game!
This is the standard of writing that you keep up.
Thanks for showing us your rich imagination on a simple verse that could be so easily overlooked.
(it was by me!)