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Okay, so I had to get the latest installment of Papa J and 'the Kid'! The only plea I have is if you would help us out by putting an extra space between paragraphs (Though I understand that this may be a book-in-the-making and the demands of an editor would probably be different.)
There were some deep thoughts here that have to be savored: "is it not strange how you can read something with little effect, but just that once, at the right time, it can hit you so hard that it feels like you received a spiritual concussion.", "Perhaps its not a bad thing to go on that journey, but maybe most go too far, and miss themselves on the road", "it takes a real man to go back to the front after he was wounded."
I remember William Least Heat Moon's book "Blue Highways" whenever I read a journey piece like this. I'm so glad this is from a Christian worldview! Good writing!
I have a really hard time reading this because of the lack of spaces between paragraphs. And I just can't seem to follow the story. I can tell that you are a good writer; perhaps a more self-contained piece would be less confusing.
I enjoyed it once I adjusted to the words all crammed together. Leave an extra line between paragraphs and dialogue (check out other entries to see how they do it) because it really does make it easier (and more enjoyable) to read.
At times a little confused as to who was talking but suspect this was due to lack of spacing. A lot of insight into people's character. A good tale.
Good dialogue. I agree about would help the reader tremendously. Liked this: "How can two people, who are far apart in distance and generation, be so completely alike?" I've felt that same "connection" myself. :-)