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Whoa! Blow me away! That was awesome! So creative and original... I want to read more like this!
Loved "The rain is upside downery imaginative! Fun to read. Sure wondered where it was going, initially. LOL!
Oops! That line was supposed to read "very imaginative!"
I agree..this was very imaginative! What a take on the topic! I enjoyed it!
Very intriguing. Kept my attention all the way through!
This was such an imaginative way to comment on the fall of mankind through Adam and Eve and the reason Christ had to die for us. Craig had to know a little about this, but had no Bible to which to refer? So many things that would be entirely believable if Eve was transported from the Garden to New York City: mistaking Fred the snake for Satan, her reaction over the crucifix, rain falling upwards. Then the somber thoughts Craig had about the reason for so much crime and miserable human conditions. A great story. Touching in places. Would like to see this one win!
Very entertaining, but for me, it had some inconsistencies. I guess that's inherent in any time-travel / fantasy piece. A great feat of writing, that's for sure.
The idea here, is that God had created multiple other galxies all with a planet earth in them, all who had Statan tempt them, but they didn't listen, banned snakes from the garden, and lived happily ever after. It's not suppossed to be Eve or time-travel...rather that she accidently found a portal that took her into another dimension. That was all explained before I had to cut for word count, lol. Sorry.
This is hilarious. I loved it!!! Well done! I especially liked the lines about the refrigerator.
Fantastic! I was going to read this one even if it hadn't been in the hint list -too curious about the title! :)
Intriguing...but 35 years from "eating the fruit" until Christ visited them with Scars in His hands???? Very questionable. Creative? Yes. Accurate? No. But well done for Science Fiction entry, with editing out of typos, etc. Keep on Writing and God Bless!
I loved this one too. If you have to cut our so much info. then you need to change the story line to pretend that it really is Eve from Earth, from way back when, without all the other planets.