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Awwwww. What a sweet story!

Great interaction and dialogue between the two MC's. I also liked the message..."show me and let me know I'm appreciated" ---I've known many couples who are lovey-dovey in front of others, but home an entirely different story. And, some like this couple...who although might seem crass to the average listener, love each other immensely and without reserve.

Loved the puppy and his name. Great job my friend.

Excellent work.

God bless~
This article made me laugh as well as made me stop and think about how much I love my wife. I am no Harry, and she is no Maude. We have a long way to go for our 50th anniversary. When that time and date arrives, I will look back on this story and have a good laugh no doubt!

Keep up the greatness!

God Bless!!
On topic and a fun read with a good message. Well done.
I think Harry and Maude live next door. They seem so real and familiar.

Very good dialogue, wonderful storytelling, you are right on topic and added to all that is your good humor.

Thanks for sharing.
At first I thought this might be a little Maude-lin, but it turned into a totally enjoyable read, with natural dialogue and strong characters. You've also
tucked in some great moral vignettes as well.
Well done.

Great story! I think most of us can relate to the intimate conversations of the two of them! It would have been funny to end the story with Harry fetching some new slippers for Maude! Great Job!!
Haha! That kept me chuckling--and guessing. I wasn't sure which way it was going until the end. I liked it.
Ah... methinks this could be a winner. Loved the interaction between your characters and the voice was so real. (I thought you'd made lots of typos to start with.) This is great for the topic and fun to read. Great job all round!
This had a nice and comfy feel to it, just like those slippers, I'm sure. Maude and Harry felt real to me, and their conversation and actions felt genuine. It was more like listening in than reading.

I liked how you slipped in the suggestion that Harry had been providing himself as a surrogate child for Maude, since they couldn't conceive. Men have a tendency to want to fix things for their wives, and it is just the kind of thing a man might do, without even realizing it himself, or her ever recognizing that that is his motive.

Great job!
Just a quick word to let you know I read your entry. And enjoyed it immensely. I was aghast to see so many entries with no comments on them, and others with many comments. I'm only one, but at least I can do my part, so I'm off to do that now. Blessings to you! PS, almost forgot, I look forward to seeing your first entry in Masters next week!
This was a fun read! Too bad it took him 50 years to get her a puppy. :)
Really enjoyed the dialogue in your precious an precocious tale.
Your story was fun . . . and tender--a good combination!
Reminds me of my parents in their later years. Very well written.

So happy for you Lynn. I loved this.

God bless~
I love this. I was smiling so wide my cheeks hurt. This is just a delight. The only red ink I have is you didn't need the last paragraph. I totally got it. It can be so hard to find that thin line from telling the moral of the story or knowing if the reader will get it without telling. Your descriptions were perfect and I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Congratulations on your ribbon. Happy Dance!!
Great job my friend!

God Bless!
Congrats Lynn. I like this one a whole bunch. Good writing.
Congratulations on ranking 23 overall! Happy Dance!