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Clever and intricate entry, well written and well done.

God bless~
Darwin contributes to "Soylent Green" - a movie starring Charlton Heston and Edgar G. Robinson.

Fascinating and frighteningly believable. When the fate of man is determined by man and not by God, confusion reigns. And we know who the "author of confusion" is . . .
Oooh! This was very good. I could easily see this as the preface to a full-length novel that picks up where this leaves off.

The voice of your MC is superb and I would love to read more of this story. Great job! Congratulations on your EC.
Wow, very good and very scary.
Well done and congratulations.
Wow, one only needs to read this riveting piece to understand why it won the precious EC award. You did a wonderful job of getting into the skin of this MC. This was just a brilliant piece of writing. You managed to reach me on so many different levels. You displayed the arrogance of the MC in such a way I was wrinkling my nose in disgust. Brilliant storytelling.
I was going to also encourage you to turn this into a novel. You have the synopsis laid out brilliantly, now you need to go back through, fill in details to build chapters, throw in some twists and I believe you have the potential to have a best seller here. I'd even offer to help you edit it. This needs to be told and I hope you will seriously consider the novel idea--maybe you could submit it to the Xulon's fiction contest.

God bless you~
Wow. Positively reeks of hubris. Shame he wasn't one of those to be culled! Might have taught him a valuable lesson.
Chillingly accurate from today's headlines but told in such a riveting way. Truth really can be scarier than fiction! Congratulations!