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A blessing in many ways. The sadness of one passing, yet glorious to know she will go to God. And the man to know and accept his fate, doing what is right. A very good piece, well done.
Wonderful way to show the blessing to the family. I really liked the way this was written with two stories in one.
A very powerful lesson in this story -well done!!!!!
You've done a splendid job of linking the two stories together. Beautifully written. Enjoyed this one.
A woderful way of showing how 'God intervenes' in our lives - how He is working in rhe background when we can't see it. Good job on this Amy! ;)
I don't know if anyone caught this..but the electric guy turned off the electric to the wrong house (LOL). That was very cool! When God intervenes. Nice work. God bless ya, littlelight
As soon as Drake's lights went out, I had to back-track to see the address # that he turned off. Does it take that long for the lights to go out? Regardless of my qustioning...I loved the story; brilliant, touching and very well written! God Bless.
A 'true Sparrow story' indeed!!! Well done.

Your last line was touching about the mother's hair growing back.
*Sound of tremendous applause* Very well done!
A beautiful story. Thank God He intervenes when He does!
I loved how you intertwined the two stories as well. What's funny is, when I first read the address numbers, I didn't even notice that you inverted the last two numbers the second time. Showed me how easily the worker could have made the mistake himself. :) Good job Amy!
I had a comment written - my son erased it by changing pages. Well written I really liked this! When God intervenes, miracles happen!
A lovely story of God’s intervention and provision in the lives of two families. I also love the way the two stories intertwine. Tight story, kept me engaged throughout. Had to go back though and check the Dave/Dale. Helps lazy readers like me if the names start with different letters. Yeggy
And this didn't win? What is wrong here? :-) I was randomly reading some sutff and I randomly chose this story. I hadn't read it before. This is excellent! Unbelievable! Way to go! :-)