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This was a riot. Very well done.
Great humor in poetic form. Thanks.
Loved the light humor in rhyme. And I can relate to the theme. Texas sounds like a great idea at this time of year.
LOL. We have to drive for a couple of hours to see snow, so this was quite an eye-opener to me! Really enjoyed this humourous piece.
Wonderful humor..Isn't it fun to enjoy life's little troubles. Nice work! God bless ya, littlelight
The Poem was delightful
but the rhyme didn't flow; but then, ask yourself this - "what does SHE know?"
I thought it cute and I loved the "thief" part. A bit sporatic or erratic - but totally ecstatic with magic! Good job!

Very enjoyable!
What a treat! I loved the personification of winter as a mischievous little scamp! Great read! Congratulations!
Very fun, Sue. A great laugh and cheerful image of winters past with my own children! Congratulations on your win.
Hi Sue. I'm just editing the latest FaithWriters' Anthology - the one that this entry will appear in. It's going to be an absolutely delightful addition to the book. This is a treat of a read.

I just have a couple of things I need though. First of all, could you send me a Private Message with a three to four sentence biography note (written in the third person) to include in the book? If you aren't sure what to write, you can get some ideas by visiting, and having a look at some of the bio notes at the end of the articles.

The other thing I need to check is in this line of your poem:

"He knotted carves and shrunk snow pants"

I'm just not a hundred percent sure what you mean by "carves." Do you mean "calves," as in the part of a leg?

If you could send me a PM to let me know, that would be great.

Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator and Editor, FaithWriters' Magazine)
I read your title and immediately thought of Robert Frost's "An Old Man's Winter Night". :o) Cute poem, I found myself relating to it. Thank you for sharing your work. Best wishes.