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Your devotional is well written and has good use of the scriptures. You cover the subject well and it fits the topic.

thanks for sharing.
A beautiful devotional that touches the topic deeply and will touch hearts as well.

God bless~
I really enjoyed this. I didn't remember this Psalm but you brought it to life for me. I could easily relate. It does seem sometimes that it doesn't pay to be godly--oh, but the rewards we will reap in Heaven.

The one thing I might encourage you to do is put his thoughts in italics so you don't need the taglines he thought. Then add some body language. For example : It's not fair! " He looked up and motioned with his arms.
Though not perfect I hope it helps.

You really did a splendid job on this piece. You nailed the topic and used a story or Bible verses that not everyone would recognize. I know the Upper Room is often looking for Old Testament devotions. With a tiny bit of tweaking, and add a prayer and thought for the day, and I think you should consider submitting it to them.
I enjoyed this piece. It is another reminder that we are pilgrims and strangers in this place. Our citizenship is in the Kingdom of God.

I can't count the number of times I felt like Asaph did in this Psalm and verbalized it to God. Thankfully, we have a merciful and longsuffering Creator who is patient with us.

He has used Asaph's and your writing to show us our error and where to go to overcome it.

Thank you.

God bless~
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