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I really enjoyed this sweet nostalgic piece. I felt the love and tension between the siblings, and instinctly felt the big brother was trying to "teach sis" to swim in an unorthodox fashion, but it seemed to work.

Sweet memories, and a great message of survival with and by God's Hands of grace to guide us in life, through all kinds of scenarios.

I loved it, thanks for taking us into your world and sharing your special memory of you and your brother with us.

Well done.

God bless~
A town of 150? I want to go live there, now! I enjoyed reading about your early memories as I had two much older brothers, and they tormented me to death. I don't know how I survived childhood. I like the way you concluded this tale, a summing up of the topic. Great read!
Beautifully descriptive and nostalgic piece - a touch of Old Dogs and Children and Watermelon Wine???
Loved the ending, which was worth wading for.
Reminiscent of my first swimming lesson, when dad threw me out of the boat in the middle of a lake. Quite a challenge - especially that partv about getting out of the bag first!!!!
Well written.
I loved this entry! It took me back to my childhood, with my older brother who sounds so much like yours! Thank you for sharing…well done! :)
A lovely snapshot of a time and place I often wish I had spent time in.

I'm wondering if perhaps you missed the 'at" in this line, "...I thought I was the very end of my wits..." I could be reading it wrong--it's already happened once this week. ;)

Truly a wonderful story. I could see the town, the place, and the pond. And what a great message at the end. God does know better than we do.
You are an inspiration with your meaningful and well written stories/articles. I enjoy this one so much and would have loved to join you two fishing. My big sister was going to take me fishing once, when I was a small lad, but backed out and never offered again. I was big-time disappointed and still remember it decades later.
Nice nostalgic piece, very well written.

Not sure how well it fits the topic....but really enjoyed it! Good job
I really enjoyed reading this adorable peek into your past!
Congratulations Lynn!
I've a big smile on my face!

God bless~
Congratulations on ranking 4th in your level and 19 overall! The highest rankings can be found on the message boards. Happy Dance!!