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Oh my goodness! What a powerful intense and sobering story. I felt the MC's fear and the pain was palpable.

I thought of all of the children who are sexually abused and it made me so sad.

The ending was beautifully peaceful as the MC embraced Christ and felt "free" at last. Christ's all encompassing love can bring peace and joy into anyone's heart who is willing to surrender to Him.

Thank you for this compelling story.

God bless~
Your story skillfully portrays that when a child is sexually exploited, the young mind never forgets. You describe the emotional tragedy of carrying the pain, anguish, and self guilt for years. Finally, when she turned it over to Jesus for help, she gained much needed mental freedom.
You nailed the trauma so well. Absolutely spot on. Powerful, well told story.

Two small things. One, I believe there's an extra word here "After the attack had taken place, Bailey was lovingly cared for, but the it was never mentioned again. "

Two, I think you mean "became a thing of the past" in this sentence.

"Soon after the therapy confession, Bailey surrendered her life to Jesus Christ, and fear became of thing of the past."
This is a story that needs to be told and heard. So many children have been sexually abused, and the shame experienced is exactly as your story portrays.

So often, parents and other caregivers choose to never speak of the situation again, but it doesn't make it go away, and the pain stays with that child. Children need to be able to talk about this in a safe environment, and they need to know that it's not their fault.

I think that this story would be even more powerful if you "showed" some of Bailey's pain after the episode. Maybe you could describe a panic attack when someone startled her, so we could catch a glimpse of some of the fear she lived with.

This story shows God's healing power, even after 54 years! Victims of sexual abuse need to hear that they can experience this freedom too. Thank you for sharing this story!
Such a heartbreaking story that happens in the USA way to often. Child abuse cannot be legislated away. We all have to work together to stop it.

You did a good job of telling the story and of revealing the dead-end the child felt.
Chilling descriptions of how one horrific incident can color a persons entire life.

Thank God He is greater than all the evils machinated against the innocent.
Wow! You gave me goosebumps while simultaneously made me sick to my stomach. How horrible for a child to have no place to run. Things are done differently today, thank God. I still wanted to reach through the screen and scoop Bailey up and protect her. Congratulations on ranking 8 in your level and 34 overall. Happy Dance! (I feel a bit guilty doing a happy dance on such a difficult topic but the more people know about it, the more prepared we can be. You will make a difference in someone's life with this piece.)