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All along You’ve been at work in me...on a deeper level.

What a wonderful reassurance this really is. I do believe God surrounds us with so many lessons in the everyday things. Your story is a delightful reminder of that, well put, unclouded, contrasting Anna's brightness and Jodi's cloudiness - the best of winter days.
“Nature often reflects spiritual truths."
That is the secret of the cycle of the seasons. Opening our eyes, we find the Word given expression all around us.

A great reminder that God is always up to something good even when we feel dead! Ahhh, spring is just around the corner!
Very nice- a good reminder that problems are only for a season.
It seems we all have our down time.. the winter season to our heart and soul. The blessing becomes greatest when see those first shoots appear, the blooms of spring rising up to start us one our way... very well done..
You describe our Spiritual struggle so well of the desire to 'understand' what we cannot. It's a dark place to be for there are no answers. Yet God is patient and kind in His Love and brings Light to us. Lovely.
Beautifully written - as always. Great message combined with a creative approach. Loved it.
This is really an awesome story. Engaging and wonderfully associated with our lives and affirmation of God's love. Nice post. God bless ya, littlelight
Beautiful! The next time I find myself in a winter season, I shall take hold of this life preserver you painted with your creative words... and hold on 'til Spring.
Thanks for writing this!
You've taken what could have been quite a reasonable devotional thought and made it accessible to the casual reader by putting it in a context many can identify with. Well done!

And praise God for friends like Anna.
This was a lovely analogy. As a person who has dealt with depression, I'm not sure that having a freind talk to me like that would have done the trick so quickly--BUT--reading something like this would definitely have touched my heart. I'd like to see it re-worked, not as a story, but as a devotional. Very nice.
Depression is a hell unto itself. I have been there a few times myself. If it wasn't for the Lord, I would still be there. He spoke to me a few weeks ago through my sister when I asked Him to send me some help. Somehow, she knew what I was feeling deep inside and her words help unlock the hurt. I thanked God for hearing my prayers. He will never leave us desolate and alone in any season of our lives! Thanks for sharing this revelation:)
"She has been praying for me and has something to tell me from God?" This sentence explains why she was willing to be touched by her friend's story. Good job and by the way, Gloria Jeans is my brother's favorite coffee shop here in California, so it was a fun to see an Aussie mention it!
This is beautiful! That Anna is a wise bird! ;)
It was a real blessing for me Karen, thanks and thank you Jesus for shining through you so ferverntly.