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I love this delightful take on this nursery rhyme. You brought the characters to life and warmed the cockles of my heart.
Loved it! It was deep and the characters real, and it was fun to realize that it was based on a childhood rhyme.
Ah, very clever. It didn't click with me until the end, but then it's a long time since I recited, Jack Sprat could eat no fat. This is great for the topic. Loved it.
Maybe I'm a fat-head, but the end was a great rug-puller - I was 'lean'ing in a completely different direction. Thanks for the fun.
The ending caught me by complete surprise, and then had me grinning in delight, as I realized how artfully you had just brought the old nursery rhyme to life before my eyes! So clever and so well done!
Bravo! A masterful retelling. I better be on the lookout for your future entries. (smile)
Love this story!

One tiny bit of red ink: "The cacophony of silence hung between he and his wife." should be written ". . . him and his wife." Remember the rule: Temporarily remove the phrase "and his wife"; now how would you word it? HE is used as a subject, HIM is used as an object. After any preposition, it's always HIM.

However, that said, the entire story was a joy. Very clever! Many spouses could learn from Jack how to approach that dreaded question.

Thank you for a story that made me smile.
Charming! What a delightful take on my hubby and me - example, he eats the cake and I steal the frosting . . .
So I was not familiar with the nursery rhyme, which was obviously the key point here, but I DID enjoy reading the story! It was touching and addressed several key issues (honesty, fear of rejection, etc) in a humorous way. The dialogue was well-written. Loved it!
Congratulations, Ruth Ann. I was so pleased to see you placed high in both your level and the Editors' Choice. Your story deserves the judges' rating.
Joy! Congratulations on your well-deserved win!

Love & Hugs in, through and because of Jesus, the Christ,

Judi Hebrews 10:26-31 KJV
Happy Holydays, beware the holly daze . . .
Aw, this is adorable. Jack Sprat and his wife. Who'd have thought? Hearty congrats on your EC.
Adorably brilliant use of the topic.
I smiled all the way through once I realized where you were headed. Clever clever girl!