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I hope things started picking up after this community meeting, which you have described so well. A good fun read.
Very well written and well done. I enjoyed this very much.

God bless~
Odd bods and misfits...hmmm...I would fit in there. Lovely story from start to finish, and I do love the finish..Thanks for sharing. Blessings..
Quite a cast of characters you've assembled to beat about the bush. An entertaining read for sure.
Profiling at its finest. Sardonic, witty, totally satisfying . . .
loved the characterization here, the cacophony of voices, all true to their unique natures
Great dialogue throughout, a nice and light humorous piece. Thanks!
Ah a story full of gross thing like poo and puke. Who could ask for anything more? I loved your descriptions and your subtle sense of humor. I did get a tad confused when the nun asked if she should ask the Lord to preside then suddenly people were saying who is that? I thought they didn't know who God was. Once I figured it out in my mind though and finished reading my smile came back and I delighted in the rest of the story. Oh and the idea of fried lice!! I won't even go there!! Well yeah I will. That was a hoot! I wondered if it was a typo or maybe a meeting with animals who like to eat lice, fried or otherwise! You're amazing! I loved it all.
Congratulations on placing 8th in your level and 11 overall! (the highest rankings can be found on the message boards)