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Charming! Loved the descriptions, loved the names, loved the entire piece@
Clevery written and enjoyable story. I smiled and enjoyed every single word and image that you've shared, thank you!

God bless~
What fun and what truth hidden in this delightful story Danielle. Loved some of your chosen names! Many congrats on well deserved EC, and any thanks for the smiles!
So your MC thought these characters must all cyclopaths, when they were actually were Hardly Dangerous? Tsk tsk.
Very descriptive work, that deserves to be among the top placings. Well done.
Danielle, Congratulations!
God bless~
I can see the MC now, all pompous with her head held high; so high & mighty....then I can vision her face & attitude changing as she was knocked off her high horse. Nicely done. It's right on topic and carries a very strong message. Point taken. Congrats.

Your piece reminds me of this Bible verse: "Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall." Proverbs 16:18 (ESV)
I loved your story. Great descriptive writing.
Outstanding and fun to read, plus thoughtful insight to weigh. Congratulations on your well deserved EC.
I really enjoyed your humorous look into one of the enemies deceptions-appearances above the inward person.
Well done and congratulations on your EC placing.
Oh I love this! You almost turned me into a Tinklebottom! Your sense of humor is divine. The only red ink I have is when using something like Vicar as a name it should start with a capital, but with a qualifier before it like the or my then it's lowercase. Oh and it's not Tut! but Tuh! (you draw the h out a bit.) Seriously though, you did an amazing job of using humor to bring a serious topic to people's mind. Stories like this show why you're a Master! Tah! ;)