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I have a strong feline that this will cat-ch the judge's eye, beclaws (a) this entry flows without pawsing and (b) you've captured the topic purrfectly.
Thanks for a very descriptive and good fun read. Great job.
I loved this story. Ms Prim sounds like a one person cat to me. Let us know what happens next. Does Ms Prim find another home?

Excellent writing in my opinion!
Oh, this is cute. And yes, I was surprised by Miss Prim's identity. You did a great job with the twist.
Absolutely captivating! I love the whimsical manner your story unfolded, while keeping us guessing as to who or what Miss Prim was. Such a realistic and lighthearted read. Sorry, no red ink this time (maybe I'm being lazy). Keep up the good work.
Great writing! I love how Miss Prim's identity was slowly revealed and her character burst into the tale. Well done!
EXCELLENT! Totally amzing story. I loved it.

God bless~
Oh my! What fun! You've completely entertained me with this tail/tale! And your ending is off the charts for creativity! Super work!
Perfectly amusing, and fantastic description!
Oh what a delightful read. You have such a wonderful way with words. Of course I knew it was a cat right off, but can still totally relate. At least your MC gets jealous over a living creature. My husband's mistress is his computer! How does one compete with that? You do such an outstanding job of painting a picture for the reader. I have your hubby's big toe forever etched in my mind. Thanks for that. Snot, poo, and even puke I can handle, but feet and toenails--ugh! Seriously though what a delightful story. You're a hoot my friend, a real hoot!
Congratulations on placing 20 overall! Happy Dance!