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I love cat stories!

Fat Cat is an allegory for all of us and our own inevitable aging.
I love Fat Cat and his sweet, elderly human. This is a cute story and very entertaining.
This is cute! I thought Fat Cat was going to have an encounter with a skunk. :)

My only suggestion would be to spice that first sentence up just a bit. Something like "Fat Cat earned his name. There's good reason he's not 'Skinny Minnie.'" or something like that.

Nice job on this. My cousin had a cat named "Big Shirley." And I had a cat who frequently landed on anything besides his feet... This made me think of them.
Poor Fat Cat - taking a fence so easily, with such cat astrophic results. Thanks for a fun read.
Like the last sentence I was wondering what 'that wild thing was' too! I really enjoyed your tale of fat cat and his antics. Most entertaining. Well done!
Awww. So good! Loved it.

Thanks. God bless~
Oh what a delightful story. You had me smiling and chuckling throughout. I loved your MC's and could relate to him more than I would like to admit. The only thing I might mention is this line: Well, you know the rest, or maybe you don't.
Try not to talk directly to the reader like that. It interrupts the flow, especially in a fictional story, perhaps in a devotion, talking to the reader can be done so it doesn't interfere with the flow. Overall, though, this was an absolute delight and one of my favorites so far. Great take on topic and I thoroughly enjoyed your humor.