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Oh my goodness. I want to know more! Is her dad going to be okay? Will their friendship resume? I thought this was a very realistic story...I like stories that make you want more. This was one of them.

God bless~
Rats to that word limit! An absorbing snapshot of the whirlpool of emotions and complexities of adolescence, suddenly invaded by a bigger challenge. I'd also like to know how the whole scene pans out, but maybe the next challenge offers a sequel.
I was sure glad Tiffany didn’t treat the coupon as expired! But like the others, I too was left wanting more of this captivating story!
I love this story. You captured how girls can change during those formidable high school years.

I wondered if when you wrote it, if you needed to cut quite a few words. I had a hard time with some of the transitions and know that happens to me when I need to make it fit the word limit. I got Chelsea was Tiffany's new best friend and Alistair the boyfriend, but I wondered if there was more to the relationships.

I think you nailed the topic in a great way. It's sad, but some friendships do have an expiration date. You really did a great job of showcasing the major conflict, and then added another one. I like the open ending. It's much like life, it's not always easy to know how it will turn out. Great job.
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