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Thanks for a fun read. Beneath the fun, however, your MC (Main Can) offers a warning: if you are totally shelfish throughout your life, you'll end up down in the dips. Well, that's my tip.
I'm sorry, let's rewind... Let's try "down in the dumps." Now, would all relay stations please resume normal programming.
Good story, I enjoyed it!

God bless~
I am smiling from ear to ear, after a loud hahahaha, that is. I really enjoyed this. Kept me wondering all the way through till the last lines who the MC was! Great writing.
I never cared for canned beans, but I have the sudden urge to rescue your MC. What an uncanny sense of propriety it has! Makes me wonder about the rest of the cupboard's vegetative fellows. Are they frightened? Resigned? Hopeful? What a delightful feast!
Boy was I confused...couldn’t make much sense of it until the end—ha-ha—never suspected I was reading from the perspective of a can of beans! Even your ingenious title didn’t have me suspect! Very Clever, unique and comical story! Excellent job! Delightful read!
Loved this! I, too, was trying to figure out what your MC was through the whole thing and didn't get anywhere near the correct answer. I really loved the unusual words you used! Frizzled was one of my favorites!
Oh boy. This is a stitch. I didn't see the twist coming and I totally love when that happens. Your delightful humor is appreciated. I did think there might be another reason the MC didn't want beans to be eaten by the young lad --you know, beans, beans the magical fruit...
Congratulations for ranking 17 overall! HAPPY DANCE!!
Like your MC, I have to confess to being 'back of the queue' and 'out of date' - and have only just read this, but am glad I did! What a great tale! A lovely and humorous read, fantastically written and brilliantly imaginative. Thank you for this.