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Thanks for telling this true story. I guess we can all see a bit of ourselves in Mike, even if not as extreme. There's certainly a lesson to be learned from this story you've told so well.
Great story and what a powerful punch it delivers with the analogy at the end, of trying to undo bad actions being about as easy as unscrambling an egg! Very sad that this was true story, Dylan undoubtedly never forgot the embarrassment of his dad’s actions. Terrific visual of the topic! Well done.
As a mother of four baseball players, I've seen this before. Thankfully, not by my husband who grumbles quietly over bad calls. You told it well. Great job!
I've been witness to these kind of incidents as well. Tempers and heat, along with a "little boy's game" (being played by grown-up men, even while they're coaching) can cause harsh words and actions beyond reproach to ensue.

I love the game, and always will. Good illustration, and great job of reliving the incident.

God bless~
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