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Sci-Fi isn't normally my favorite genre, but you may convert me. I literally was leaning in and holding my breath as I read. Suspense is your forte'. I noticed some tiny typos like live instead of life and at instead of as, but I'm sure you've spotted them as well and want to reach in and change them. I tend to do that when I procrastinate like I too often do and submit at the last minute. They typos won't distract from your great story though. I wish I could keep reading! You have the makings of a great novel here.
Wow- truly compelling and fascinating entry. I thought it was excellent!

God bless~
I am not a sci-fi fan either, but I loved this. This would be a book I would read. Excellent writing.
I enjoyed your story which sets things up for a sequel. Very well told.
Good job with the suspense here!
Very imaginative. You used whine in both common usages, which made it beautifully on topic. Please continue writing Science Fiction, as your imagination takes wings . . .
Great job for your first time with sci-fi! I was kind of hoping he'd find something, just so he could talk to another human again.
Your story is riveting and a very creative use of topic.
I tend to read too quickly and miss many important details. I saw much more of the ingenuity in your piece the second read through- Well done.
Creativity is your gift. You did well with this first attempt at Scfi in getting my attention and keeping it. Write on!