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Great piece on the history of church bells!I was fascinated too in my own research on carillons which have a minimum of 24 bells and requires a keyboard & trained musician to ring out the tunes on the bells.Bells have a heavenly sound, perhaps that's why they impact us so.
I love introspective pieces, and this one was right up there with the best. I really enjoyed the historical aspect along with the story overall. Nicely done.

God bless~
I like this. Very informative.

My only piece of red ink would be to get rid of the part where you say "in my research..." and just go on with the part about what you learned. :)

I too would love to hear the church bells in England. St. Mary's or any others! Nice job with this.
Congratulations on a story that is well-researched and very well-tolled. Very enjoyable read.
So informative, and it certainly rings a bell with me! In my time I have been a belle, and now all I can do is be a clapper in honor of your excellent research . . .
Very interesting. I had never contemplated what went into ringing the bells like that.
Expanding this to include how bells are made would make this even more informative and, perhaps, commercially marketable. Very enjoyable.
I enjoyed this very informative piece.
This is quite interesting. Recently I had the pleasure of walking on Duke while the bell ringer was ringing. It gave me goosebumps. My son was telling me sometimes the ringer allows someone to watch him in the tower and how it really feels like God is right there enjoying the wonderful sound glorifying his name.Your story made me feel that way as well. Good job.
Congratulations for ranking 6 in your level and 24 overall! Happy Dance!