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Insanity is hereditary - we get it from our kids, until we recall those times we got just a bit too much for our own parents. I love the way you built this totally believable story. Great work.
Wonderfully written and intense in meaning. I enjoyed this so much, loved the tie-in. God Bless~
Ahh - teenagers! Loved this trip down my own memory lane. Good job!
Your article seemed so real. Each time you mentioned the word Drip I could feel how annoyed the mother was feeling over her son who was constantly annoying her about getting a new car. It was very well done. Great job.
Hehe... been there and now I know what it is called... "Chinese Water Torture". Ha!

Creative take on the topic. Good job.
Anyone who's dealt with teenagers has had this type of 'torture' ! Can't decide whether to commend you or complain about reminding me of those days! In either case you did it well. Thanks...I think.
Great take on the topic! Drip dropping hints. I loved this. You do have a way of telling a great story. I only saw one mistake, but you already know it. Excellent writing.
This drip splashed right into my heart!
Delightful story!
Your title alluded to what I assumed would be a brother straddling his little sister with a turkey baster full of water. Your story was much more creative and interesting!
Congratulations on placing 9 in your level and 17 overall!