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You have me in tears as I am writing this, as my eyes began to fill while reading. The ocean is my favorite of all of God's creations and you had me right there with your intimate and life-like descriptions. There are no words for this eloquent, yet very vulnerable piece which you have written. You have asked honest questions, ones which I asked myself many times about others seeming to be favored over me. This is an amazingly tender, and exquisite poetry / prose. I say poetry because good poetry doesn't have to rhyme, it merely tells a story in verse in such as way as to smoothly flow from one "tide pool" to the next as you so beautifully have done. This should place extremely well (by the way, I loved the way that the topic was always present yet in the background as God took the foreground of this poem), yet regardless you deeply touched my heart and I know you pleased God's!
There is just so much here in this piece it was hard for me to wrap my words around it the first time. I do want to say too that you ended this so perfectly with you and the Lord Jesus walking off the beach together in harmony, there is no greater joy than that. I also love the internal dialogue between you and Jesus during your poem as He SHOWS you HIMSELF and who you are in HIM! Everything about this poem was way cool. So I just had to add this PS -- Many Blessings.
Love the imagery in this piece. Felt like I was there. In fact, I think I have been there! There was a real sincerity in this writing - very well done.
Wow this is so powerful. You picked the perfect setting to reveal these incredible emotions that rupture and crest within us, foaming at the mouth. The pace and the intensity is amazing. I feel like you peaked into my heart and wove my hurts into awesome words.
I agree. Wow. In no way am I the least bit poetic but this imagery was captivating. I felt carried along in a powerful verbal current. Well done.
Hmm, what a journey. Perfect setting, and I love your title. So much to ponder here. Good job!
Stunning and overflowing with so many nuances of meaning. It is a piece of art meant to be read again and again...
There is so much in this poem. I could see the ocean, the waves, the tide pools. The struggle you described is so real.
I read this and then reread it with my beloved hubby. You have so completely described our comings and goings in Him - the ebbs and swells - often we feel that we are the rocks buffeted by the stormy waves, other times we feel we do the buffeting. Thank you for such an exquisite piece which methinks will garner so much praise to YHWH. God bless you mightily as you continue glorifying God as He works within you.
What an intense, descriptive, intimate piece of poetry! The ocean is one of my favorite places, and we camp there for a week every summer, so you really caught and held my attention.

Your beginning was so powerful: "A rocky outcrop bears the brunt of raging waves
With thunderous crash
A million teardrops sparkle in a
Burst of flying spray..."

And I loved the way you ended it with the MC leaving the beach in company with Jesus!

Great writing! :)
Oh my gosh, this is gripping, powerful, brilliant, and touched my heart deeply. Fabulous!!

God bless~
I would love to have a book of your stuff Dee with this lovely poem / prose in it. You are truly a gifted writer of God. I adored this piece. Love, Lish