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Beautifully said.

God bless~
This is a really good poem, beautifully written. Your use of language, rhyme and rhythm is great. I had to look up the meaning of a couple of those medical terms. Do you have a medical background? Well done!
You have talent. This poem is excellent. As commented before, I also wondered if you have a medical background. I liked the way you wove your words together with tidbits from the Old Testament,like "no serpent lifted high" and the "balm of Gilead". This made the poem even more special. Great job! God Bless.
I think this is excellent, I write poetry too, but never anything with such flow and meter as this! Your words are graphic but not without deep thought and meaning. Great job!
I loved these lines:

Gracious, merciful physician
Graft Thy will, inside of me
Teach me, truth and full submission
I would ever faithful be

Nicely done.
This is a real gem, excellent poetry writing. I have had a passion for poetry for close to 45 years now. I don't think I will ever be able to write a poem that has such sophisticated language, combined with beautiful alliteration, that just rolls off the tongue while at the time having such depth! I had to look up a word but it is good for writers to continue to expand their vocabulary. I loved the line about heart-circumcision. I also really loved the last stanza. However, the first stanza is incredibly rich and you bring home the point well that words can tear at a person's heart and it is only the word of the Lord that can truly heal. Thank so much for sharing this with us, and welcome back! Blessings...
This is beautiful. Poetry isn't my strong suit as I am tone deaf and can't always hear the rhythm. The first two stanzas really flowed for me. I'm in awe of the way you make it look so easy. I did stumble a tiny bit more towards the middle-end. I'm not sure if it was because I don't hear some of the words you used on a regular basis, though I do enjoy it when an author shows me new words. I think it is stunning and the way you laid your emotions raw and naked on the screen shows such courage, as well as a grand passion for Christ.
Your title isn't lost on me:-) Living by the Word often means exactly as you've so beautifully and aptly described it. I love your "surgical" progression from cutting to grafting, binding, and healing.

Your message that's presented with great rhyme and rhythm adds to this great piece of writing, in my opinion.:-)

My take-away: The Word of God does not simply cuts but soothes -"an instrument of peace and calm."

Inspiring and well done!
This moves me to tears. It is so well written and so very heartfelt. Thank you and God bless you muchly for writing the longing of my heart . . .
This could be a hymn - such great use of words and thoughts. Well done!
This is absolutely amazing Deb, a truly wonderful poem and a prayer from the depths of the heart. Your word choices are so good, absolutely spot on - each line fitting exactly to the crux of your message. Your rhyming and scanning are excellent. Above all, you have beautifully penned the prayer of every heart seeking to drasw closer to God. Thank you for this wonderful poem.
This moving poem has excellent rhyme and rhythm, but the most wonderful thing about it is the inspiring message! Your first four lines caught my attention right away, and my heart flowed along to the end with your lovely words! (However a couple of them were new to me, too!) I wish I could write poetry like this, but since I can't, I'm glad you (and others) can!! Great job! :)
What an amazingly well crafted, smoothly flowing and uniquely on topic, brilliant poem. You could say I loved it!
Nicely written!
Congratulations on you excellence! I really loved this one. Great job HC.
Many congrats Deb - I was sure this wonderful poem would win an award. I have gone back to it and read it times - as others have said,. I think it should be put to music. Thanks too for your kind comment.
As I said the first time I read your poem... you have talent, a gift from the Lord. Congratulations on your Highly Commended. Keep writing.
Congratulations on ranking 5th in level three and 12 overall!
Beautiful poetry. I like poems that glorify God and are faithful to His Word. This was a joy to read.
Superb word smithery! I just wish it had made it in to the EC list.
Thank you for your kind comments.