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The first line pulled me on and the excellent writing kept me to the last word. You packed so much emotion into this piece. I like your unique take on the topic. This has so much--suspension, a great message, and thought-provoking lines. All necessary for a great story and this piece contained all that plus some.
The dialogue that you created between Maggie, the pie lady, and the MC was absolutely precious. Ahh, those steaming, hot pie, sounded so good to me. I just loved the picture of this wonderful woman who loved Jesus so much that her life was dedicated to taking care of the "down and outers." She had a great heart because she let Jesus's love permeate everything about her. She had so much spirit and love that it didn't matter how she looked and the MC just found herself fascinated with her and wanting to be around her. I fell in love with Maggie in this piece and am challenging myself right now, Do folks see Jesus in me when I talk to them? This story had everything, great dialogue, fun loving - intriguing characters; humor, great food, and the best thing of all. The best thing of all was that she considered all of those folks she fed and shared her life with her family ties!
"She was no oil painting, mind. Short and dumpy, over the years she’d piled on the pounds. Even her dress sense was odd. She’d worn the same winter coat since 1970; a big woollen rug of a thing with polar bears decorating the bottom half. Ginger didn’t mind how she looked. He’d jump up and splatter mud on her face whenever he felt a rush of love."

Your descriptions are exquisite. I can't believe you just threw this together! It's a beautiful piece of writing. I want more!
Oh wow I hung on to every word of this. Fantastic story! This has to be a winner. Loved every line of it. Thank you so much.
I loved everything about this story. Wow.
What a marvelous piece. Your descriptions were so good I was tasting the meat pies and easily visualizing Maggie as I read. Excellent!
What a cool story!! :) I loved the descriptions, the dialogue, the message of being tied to Jesus and to each other! And you made me hungry for lunch reading about the steaming pies and the people licking gravy off their fingers! Great job!
What a precious story of love!
I just adored the entire thing. The way you 'tied' in the topic was perfect. Well done.
Great characters, outstanding dialog and scenery, a devotional message to remember -- 'nuff said.
A veritable home run hitting all the senses and emotions - loving Maggie, I be . . .
Congratulations! HAPPY DANCE!!
Sweet, I knew this just had to place. What an absolute gem! Thanks for sharing Maggie and those delectable pies with us, wish I could celebrate with one. The most important thing we can all do though is to take a lesson from her and love those in need around us with the love of the Lord. Well done my friend, Congratulations!
Your first line pulled me in and I just had to know more. Very well deserved EC. Congratulations!

God bless~
Congratulations on a story and a character I wanted to know more and more about. Well deserved win!
Sorry Danielle, to be so long getting here to read this amazing story! My time is so consumed lately with caring for elderly parents, I don’t have the time to read and comment as I used to. Often do not even have time to present a story of my own. I know I have been missing some really good stuff!

Congratulations on your well deserved win! When I had finished reading this story, I felt like I had just watched a movie, so vivid was your detail! The only part that puzzled me was, I could see why the MC would be so interested in Maggie, but why stalk her privately for so many years…why not be out and out friends with Maggie? But I am sure more wasn’t told of the relationship because of the word limit!

The world has too few of real Christians like your MC, Maggie…who doesn’t argue about what God’s word says, just lives it! This was so masterfully written, so powerful, Maggie will not easily go from my mind! Just a terrific job on this!
Superb writing that filled my head with images of Maggie and the surroundings. Great message of unconditional love tied this nicely to the topic. Congrats on your win with this one.