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Very descriptive; I praise Him with you
Spectacular! Imagine being a witness to that scene- you did a great job giving us a glimpse of a shepherd's-eye-view. Lovely descriptions.
I like the POV, and it's unique to write about the shepherd's experience, yet stop short of the trip to see the baby...I like it. This is a more accurate description of what I imagine it must have been like--usually it's pretty much depicted as a really good gospel choir. Good job!
Wow. I really enjoyed this. Beautiful!
Wow! I've often imagined what it must have been like - and you captured it so exquisitely! Aside from the spiritual euphoria this invokes, this is also a great technical piece - it should be in a writing textbook as an example of TIGHT writing - using fewer, perfectly-chosen words is so much more effective than using lists of vague adjectives. GREAT JOB!!!
'My jaws gaped open.' Yes so did mine reading the beautiful description of the angels as they came to shephards. I am but an apprentice Maxx, and I am reminded of that reading this. Thank you. God bless
Wow! Very well written - but I should expect that by now LOL I enjoyed this!
'A sliver was all I understood.' And Wow! What a sliver! Beautiful!
Why in the world would anyone need movies and special effects when they can read an account as thrilling as this?!! Extraordinary!
Beautiful. Glory Be, Maxx! Glory be!
Oh, wow! This reminds me so much of Black, White and Red, when characters went running into the waters. In those, and with yours, I get goosebumps and weepy. Thank you!
Well written - very good descriptions.
Very imaginative. Great sense of being there and seeing and feeling along with the shepherd.
It's too bad you weren't around when the Bible was written. You would've hooked readers better than the "Heavenly hosts appeared and were praising God saying ..." Yep, their would be none of this whol "Da Vinci" debate because people would read the Bible and say, "Well, the guy sure sounds right on." Honestly, how could you write something without personally seeing it. It was as if you were there and watched the entire account. Goodness, I scraped a story I was writing last week because I couldn't (for the life of me) describe heaven. I should've called you. it seems you've been there. Your writing truly astouds me. I no you haven't had an abortion, killed your mother, seen your friend murdered and lying in a pit or had twins, yet you describe every story so clearly and truthfully that it leaves the readers scratching thier head and asking "who is this guy and what has he been doing?" This was one of those pieces. You must be a fmaous writer somewhere. You have so much talent it amazes me. To only allow the readers here on FW to read your work, would be doing the world a huge disfavor (is that a word?LOL)Amazing, brillent, beautiful. I take it this was for your Christmas project?