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This throbs with credibility, as you express your hope that God may bridge a communication gap that constantly undermines any effort to either build a bridge yourself or to feel any sense of your own effectiveness. Yet prayer can unpick the lock of closed minds or of prejudice within the patient urgency of God's timing and grace. Great writing.
Beautiful and poignant love story. I only we could. Loved it.
This filled my heart with so many emotions it's difficult to begin to express just how much it touched me.

You've managed to bring forth a prolific message in a powerfully executed poem that ignites the reader while engaging thoughts.

Amazing job with this. This will do well with the Judges.

God bless you~
Such heart-felt prose. At first I thought it was about depression, but your notes helped me to see it was about so much more. Good job.
I could read this to my husband and my sister, and feel it is totally appropriate to their searching hearts. Thank you.
They are special and they are loved. Being the mother of an Asperger's Teenager I very much appreciate your concerns that you so poignantly express.
God bless.
This is what I have been searching for almost 15 years now, the key, any key that will fit my son's world -- his pain so that I can enter in and let him know in a way that he can really understand how much I love him. My son has Schizoaffective disorder, a combination of Bipolar and a thought disorder. He is always going back and forth between sensing God's love and feeling like he doesn't fit anywhere, including with God. This piece of poetry - prose is still plucking at my heart's strings. As I read it, before I even got to your notes at the bottom, I thought, someone KNOWS my son's pain and knows my pain. I will be praying for whoever you wrote this about... It resonates too strongly for you not to have experienced this in some way personally in your life. Thank you for sharing your deepest heart...
Your first and last stanzas said it all really:

"If I could…
I would find the key that fits,
The key that fits you…
If I could


"I will never have the key
To release you
To know your thoughts
To know your destiny

Only God can do that."

I suspected fairly early on that you were writing about those with Autism/Asbergers and related conditions, and I feel you portrayed their struggles very well.

Excellent job!
So beautiful, full of love, and haunting. Thank you for allowing us a glimpse into your world.
Written with compassionate love and empathetic understanding. Beautiful for just that - but then the meaning behind the words - keys to unlock a door with a window to view out into a different world and possibly understand. Congratulations, Danielle. So well done!
CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR E.C. WIN for this haunting, beautifully-written, thoughtful piece! WAY TO WRITE!! :)
Danni -- I just knew you had to place for this exquisite piece that touched the hearts I know of so many. You are one of my favorite writer's here at FW and I always look forward to reading your work. Enjoy the Joy! Blessings girl...
Congrats Danielle on your placement. I really enjoyed your story. God Bless~
Congratulations Danielle!
Congratulations! May God bless you richly . . .
Wow!! This is so intense. I know you were thinking of autism and such when you wrote it, but I felt like you looked deep into my abyss and saw my shame and fear.

God spoke to me through your words. It felt like they were penned for just me and no one else. I now have the old song Killing Me Softly by Aretha Franklin as a nice ear-worm (not as gross as it sounds, ear-worm is slang for a song stuck in one's head) to my troubled mind.

This is amazing, beautiful and a bittersweet version of God's special I love you's just for me. Thank you so much for this. It feels like someone gets me and I so fear that I am totally ungettable. Again may I say WOW!!!!
This is another entry that has my eyes brimming with tears. Perhaps all readers of this beautiful heart-searching piece, have someone in mind as they read this, whether it be themselves or a loved one. I know I have, and your amazing words fit exactly. Great sorrow and beseeching heartache but also Glorious Hope - With God, NOTHING is impossible. Thank you for writing such a wonderful entry and congrats on your EC.
Placing 5th overall is no small feat. Congratulations!