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This flows so harmoniously. I expect to hear it sung in choir someday. Beautiful . . .
I really love to read your poetry. It is very inspiring and uplifting. It has ushered in peaceful bliss into my day. Thanks!
Your poem flows beautifully and is packed with wise and meaningful words. I especially like the last verse. That really made me chuckle! I'm sure you're not mad!
Spreading hope to one and all reaching out before they fall speaking freely of his love flowing from blue shores above---Loved this. Oh, how the world needs to hear about the love of Jesus. Thanks for sharing this heart felt poem.
Yes indeed it is the sanest and most excellent job isn't it? superbly crafted rhyme! I thoroughly enjoyed each stanza.
I like your free approach to meter, and your use of the topic.

There were a few awkward phrases (for example, 'Fighting for his will of others'), and I recommend that poets avoid cliched rhymes (like love/above).

Generally, this poem was fresh and enjoyable, and I liked the repeat from the first to last stanza--very effective.
I like especially your demonstration for "crusader of the cross" and for the reminder Christians are Christ's staff.
Excellent. What a blessing it is to be in the employ of our rich Daddy up above. My favorite line was:
What an awesome Supervisor
He is my strength and sage adviser.

Your rhymes were crisp and lines were light & whispy, meaning it flowed well. Our compensation is greater than any other job and as you've heard, our retirement plan is out of this world.
Very visual and rhyming as well. You said it all very well. Thank you for a well thought out read.
God bless.
Beautiful job...I so enjoy your work. I recognize your style, as I did with another writer in this category. That is such a clear sign to me, that the author has made it. Nicely done.

Thanks. God bless~
This is priceless Lynn, I think the best one I have read of yours for the challenge entries. The rhythm was perfect except for one small place where I thought you should have had the word "in" within the line to make it flow better and make more sense. Your ending was funny and so true if we are gong to be salt and light for His kingdom. I hope this places, it deserves to in my opinion. I am sure you can appreciate this, as a poetry writer myself, I am very picky about what I like. And I really like your work. You always mix an excellent, no compromise theology with words that ebb and flow together like the magnificent ocean, hats off to you girl!
Just to let you know, the line that I thought should have had the "in" was "to help the lame walk in His way." Blessings girl friend...
Lynn -- Congrats sweetie! I just knew this would place!! What a very special poem this is. I am so happy for you. I am just learning all of the terminology here, but I guess as they say "Happy Dance girl" and have a most Happy Valentine's Day with this well deserved accolade. Love ya, Because of our Lord!
Congratulations on your HC and for ranking 21 overall!
Lynn, Congratulations and your overall ranking!

God bless~