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I so enjoyed this piece. You speak volumes. How else could the human face or body be so perfectly designed and so different yet similar if not designed by a higher power. It can't just be coincidence. You had me smiling at your descriptions and reveling in the wisdom behind this well-written piece. i must admit with a slightly red phase my drawings haven't evolved much since I was six. I guess God has other plans than being an artist for me huh? :) Well done!
In a world where image plays such a big role, you have reminded us how important it is to honor all of God's handiwork.

A little more focus on the
topic, although it's certainly implied in the title.
Fun piece and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

The only suggestion I would make is perhaps to end it with a comment about the way you described the commentators. Since you begin with such vivid descriptions of their faces, I'm sure you could come up with something to correlate with that as you wrap things up. Maybe even something as simple as "whether your nose is pointed, bulbous, or flat, you are God's masterpiece..." :-)
I am so glad God made us unique and special.
Thank you for this entertaining, enjoyable and warm entry.

God bless~
Congratulations on your EC for this story that would make a wonderful devotional. The conversations in the story were very real.
I liked how you turned your story into a lovely lesson. Thanks!