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I was almost at a loss as to how to comment on this entry. I love Pepisa and I love the story, but I was confused in the beginning because I didn't realize that it was not a story set in current times. At first I was expecting something along the lines of Hell's Kitchen type of story. The names, like Garlwer and Dillypoot Fair, started to make me wonder if this was set in an alternate universe, and the dragon finally confirmed it. But until then, I kept wondering. She set off on the road to the Dillypoot Fair, but I wasn't sure if she was driving, walking, riding or what. It's definitely very well written, and I once I got to the end and was able to put all the pieces together, everything fit together perfectly and I was satisfied with the story. But you kept me on my toes all the way there. :)
This is a sweet story. I could so feel the MC's fears and feeling that she needed to do something special to stand out. I think we all have a little bit of Pepsia's in us. This was a delightful read.
I very much enjoyed your story and the drama of the dragon and Pepisa's attack on it. And the cake with the flat top came to a good end, shared instead of judged at the fair. A very creative take on the topic.
Score! Loved this unique message of how sometimes not getting what we thought we wanted was the best thing for us. I'm sure he thought more than her cake was a winner :-)
Wonderful story,wonderful ending and just a delight to read. I want to know more. Does she get the guy? Excellent.
Delightful story!
Awww, how could you be so unkind to a poor dragon. I really hoped you would feed him a slice of your flat cake.

Apart from that I was truly captivated from beginning to end. I love your words... bulk of scorn,Pepisa's heart stuttered, burp into a lump. They are so descriptive. (I might steal them.)

The ending has a good twist with a hint of romance. How about part 2 next week!
Ridiculously creative and perfectly on topic. Totally threw me for a loop with the dragon and fantasy angle, but in a good way!

Loved it! Well done!
Very gripping story. Great job!
Now I know why your name pops up in some of the most read articles in Faithwriter archives. :-)

Fabulous fantasy-Loved all your creative touches, twists, and turns!
We want more! Tell us what happens now? Inquiring minds NEED to know. LOL. Great writing and wonderful tale.

God bless~
Inventive and creative. I enjoyed your story immensely.
Congratulations on ranking 25 overall!