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This entry was fun to read. I enjoyed reading from the perspective of the tiger paw, and loved your clever little phrases like,

"I hissed at them," and
"Gotta roll."

Regarding the phrase, "Words cannot describe..." I have used this phrase on occasion, and when I have, I've always wondered, 'Can words describe this feeling?" Because if they could--if I could find the right words, they could add another dimension to my piece.
I knew someone would take the challenge of using a flat tire to meet this topic, but I never dreamed it would be such a wonderfully creative piece as this. I, of course, thought of flat tire right away and immediately dismissed it as too obvious. You, on the other hand took the obvious and turned it upside down and made it fresh and funny. Great job!
Haha, this was fun! Lots of great lines here, and you made it roll smooth from start to finish.

Next time, you might not put the entire piece in italics, it made it harder to read.

Great job building empathy for the tiger paw. I was rooting for him all the way!
Oh this is sooo creative, amusing and defo out of the box. Flat tyre and flat chest were my first thoughts for the topic but I thought nah, too obvious. And look what you've done with it clever lady. I also think Tiger Paws speak better in italics. Grrrreat job!
Let me paws to gather my thoughts....
Very creative and funny, though your MC did get into quite a flap.
Great wordplay and word pictures. Well done.
Clever, entertaining and a delight to read. I thought this was a fabulous entry and a great way to present the topic. God bless~
You hit the bulls eye with this. It's a winner me thinks.
A great read and well written, from the tire's POV. I didn't know what 'Tiger Paws' were but I guess it is a brand name (?).
Interesting story, from the perspective of the tire. The "true-story" aspect makes it all the better.
Really creative and entertaining. Your line about the Tiger Paw hissing at his com padres was priceless. Well done!
Really creative and entertaining. Your line about the Tiger Paw hissing at his com padres was priceless. Well done!
Well, well, well, Lynn!
Loved every creative line: My favorite: "until one lets her down.." Oh, the subtle, double meaning there.

Great piece o' writing
I love this story. It was an absolute delight. There have been many flat tire stories this week but yours is the first told from the POV of the tire. Congratulations on ranking 7 in level three and 24 overall!