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This could well be a true story, though you haven't so indicated. There is a lot of adventure to be had in Africa, which has more than its share of potholes (of all kinds.) You've tackled quite a chunk in these few words. Reading the article has reminded me of my first years in Africa. After twenty-nine years, the potholes have lost their mystique but sharing the Gospel is still just as exciting as ever it was the first year! Thanks for the reminder, as well as sharing this with those who've never been there.
You are a wonderful story teller for sure! I've never been to Africa, but I do so get your husband's distaste for 'the flat life'.
I am totally new to this, but I think if the first line clearly defined who was speaking, it may have transitioned the rest of the story as I flipped in my head if it was you who that your life was flat or your husband. Once I got into the story, however, it didn't faze me as it was so gripping.
Nicely written!
Great story and very inspirational. I can really picture his heart for the Lord and people.
This does ring true...I hope it is a true story because I like your tribute and encouragement to your husband at the end. His passion for Africa came through clearly. There were a couple minor typos but I don't think it distracts from the passion. Good job!
This is an interesting, informative and enjoyable read. My only suggestion is to break up some of the lengthy sentences and paragraphs. This would make easier reading. The title is outstanding.
Touching and moving piece. I really enjoyed this. Thank you so much.

God bless~
This is a beautiful piece. You took the flat earth term into a totally and unique POV. I can feel the MC's love for her husband. You described his duties in his home and made me long to visit Africa too. Nicely done.
Congratulations Donna.