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Oh I love this! You had me giggling and even snorting a time or two. I'm sure by now you're banging your head and have spotted sill instead of still. (I figured the dog ate the T) This is such a creative take of the topic. Dog owners everywhere will be chuckling over this delightful piece. You did a splendid job!
This is really funny and entertaining. I thought it was the vaccum cleaner that frightened the dog and the dog disconnected the power source. Seeing the above comment makes me think I could be wrong. But whatever, I love your style!
Such a cute story. It brings back memories of the dog that I had while growing up. She would bark at the vacuum and then run and hide. It was hilarious. Great job on this.

God bless!
We have dogs therefore I thought this was hilarious. I just read it out loud to Mike and he laughed out loud obviously enjoying it just as much as I did. He likes to say that all a burglar has to do is come in our home with a vacuum and he can really clean up--pun intended.
Ha-haha-haha!! :D What a perfect name for the vacuum cleaner--Vroom Vroom Sucking Monster! I felt sorry for the poor poochie at the end, but had a great time laughing at his antics his thoughts all the way through this delightfully amusing story! Great job!
I can just picture the puzzled look on the dog's face at the close, but this was such a lot of energy and fun all the way through.
Congratulations for ranking 11th overall!