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Wow! This was jarring and disturbed me greatly, which meand you did a phenomenal job. I'm glad the MC was going to disclose the abuse at the end. It hurt my heart, but gave me have hope at the end.

God bless~
This is such a powerful story. The title screams volumes. I bowed my head and prayed for the many boys and girls who are enduring something similar right this very second. I think the metaphor of the cup is genius. So often we feel trapped in with no way out. No matter how one might splosh about the walls, our cell remains intact. . .until a Savior, much like the school nurse, offers a way out. What a powerful piece this is. Though thew topic may be a tad dark, it mirrors the lives of way too many people (not just children either). You will open many eyes and touch countless hearts with this piece.
This is a sad tale but also one that is true far too often. The story drew me in from the start and the abuse became obvious gradually. I thought the last two lines were a perfect way to end the story.
This story touched me so much. You did a great job with describing how the MC felt and I could feel his pain and fear when his mother walked into the room. It was so sad to see that he had been starved for days, but that he had courage and was finally going to get help. Thanks for such an amazing story.

God bless!
This was heartwrenching and did a superb job through the MC's voice of sharing his story and feelings and the effective symbolism in that cup of water...excellent!
Oh, you presented the child's physical and emotional pain and anguish so well! I was encouraged by the hope held out at the end! This was a great story! Very well-written!
Congrats on a great article being recognized as such by the judges! Powerfully written tear-jerker.
This is really, really good, Amy! Nice job, and a creative take on the topic.
Heartbreaking that your story is indicative what's happening in many young lives. Hopefully in real life eyes are open for signs like these. Your MC's aura was so true to life that it wrenched my heart. Great job writing about a tough, tough reality. Congratulations!
This is a reality beyond comprehension. Heartbreaking and gripping. Excellent, Amy. Congrats on your Editor's Choice award.