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A brilliant entry and account of what some of "these healing revivals" are all about. I too believe in healing, and the Spirit of Jesus Christ...however, some, as you have so accurately described, are the reason we have discerning spirits to know what is REAL and of God.

Just so well-written, and loved the imagery and the metaphors you supplied. Especially the smell of "root beer" from the tree. Great job. Thanks.

God Bless~
Oh.... I am both struck speechless and am bubbling with accolades. Stunningly beautiful. My heart thanks you.
Beautifully descriptive. A minor fault was to mispell "aisle" (but aisle forgive you for that!)
A great reply to the view that people aren't healed because they lack faith - one of the most brutal things we can say to anyone. Our faith is in God; rather than in how much faith we have.
Excellent work
This powerful poem is one to read again and again--to treasure.
Absolutely stunning, beautifully descriptive and inspiring work. I agree with every word in your footnote.
Wow this is so awesome. I had goosebumps. It's amazing how much more the blind can see! Your poem speaks volumes. As someone with chronic health problems for over 24 years I can so relate. I don't know how many times I've been told if I had enough faith, or if I thought positive that I would be healed. God had other plans in mind for me and my family. I really can relate to this and it is a favorite of mine. God doesn't always tie life into neat little bows.
Very poignant. You have addresssed a real issue beautifully in this poem. I have a friend with cerebral palsy who has people suggest prayer for healing, while she does a wonderful ministry as she is. Thank you.
Beautiful and well written. I love your descriptions of everything the MC felt. It was almost as if I was right there experiencing it myself.

FYI, I saw the note at the end, and appreciate it. Though I know without a doubt that Jesus did purchase healing for us on the cross, I also know that faith can't be forced - it has to come through relationship with the author and finisher of it, according to Hebrews 12:1-2. Anything else is witchcraft, a work of the flesh. And that's something we as Christians do not need.

Besides, it sounds as if your MC has already received the greatest miracle of all: salvation!
Congratulations Linda on your well deserved ribbon.
Congratulations Linda on your oustanding poem and win! I loved this...great job.

God bless you,

This poem was your pulpit. From it you preached a powerful message and did it brilliantly.
Congratulations on a worthy win!