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Beautiful message, and beautifully written. Excellent illustration from the Gospel of Matthew...and the infamous words of Jesus.

Thank you. God Bless~
First off I was fascinated by this story. It was interesting beginning to end. But, to give my honest thoughts on this I have to admit I was a little confused by “Ishmael”...Misty must have talked to him enough to learn his name. Or was he a regular there? So if he didn’t want the food why did he go with her in the first place? Was Ishmael supposed to be an angel she entertained unaware? I love the story and of helping the poor…but part of me had to agree with Robert. If she did not know Ishmael at all, she was taking an unsafe risk with her children in the car. Of course, if she was led by the Holy Spirit to do so, I could understand. But the story never said she felt led to take the risk. I guess my confusion over who “Ishmael” really was and how she knew his name, was a regular out there or not and why he didn’t wait to get the food, made me see Robert’s side.
I was also confused about the analogy in the last couple of paragraphs–of Ishmael likened to the gentiles, thankful to get the crumbs…but Ishmael, refused not only crumbs, he rejected the whole meal.

Sorry if I have overanalyzed the story, I know the wonderful message intended. But in my mind, with kids involved, my mind keeps saying this is 2012 not 1950 and evil abounds and without a line in the story stating Misty was Holy Spirit led, I can’t get the risk from my mind after reading this. Does that make my faith weak? Don’t know. I can tell you this, this is a story that will stay in my mind and I will ponder.
True to life setting and dialogue, along with a challenge to the preacher, that opens up and embraces your readers. Very well done.