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This is a sweet story. I enjoyed the allegory (or would it be a metaphor? I'll just use comparison) to the Biblical story. It's an entertaining read from beginning to end.

My bit of red ink is something an editor mentioned to me once and that's try not to mix punctuation like a question mark with an exclamation point as it is better to allow your words to create the desired effect. You did a nice job of doing just that.

Though there have been quite a few Martha and Mary stories the past few weeks, I really think your POV was clever and refreshing. The message is one that doesn't lose its meaning over the years. In fact, with today's busy world it is even more relevant to take time and kneel at Jesus' feet.
Clever remake of a familiar story. Loved all the disturbances from the electrical/technical devices. Boy, they do make the most annoying noises, huh? Good job! God bless!
This was a fresh take on the well known Biblical story. Great job. Thanks.

God bless~
Vety clever update on the household in Bethany. Great dialogue with just enough clues in the names.
An interesting read with great characterization.
Well written story that held the reader's interest throughout.
I enjoyed your modern tale with hints to new testament characters. You get top marks from me on the creativity meter. :)