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God bless you for your generosity and for this prolific message. Nicely done, and completely touched my heart and soul.

This is a lovely testimonial and really shows how important it is to trust God. He will provide perhaps not in the way we want or expect but provide nonetheless.

The only red ink I have is you seemed to suddenly change stories when you mentioned the job. I understand that you wanted to show the reader that even though your future seemed uncertain, following God's command was rewarded by getting a much needed job. I think this is an important part of the story but perhaps if the MC worried about spending her money on her neighbor when she was unemployed might have helped ease the transition.

All in all I love this story and believe it has an invaluable message. Faith doesn't always come easy. I think you stayed on topic yet still had a fresh and interesting subject. The Bible verse fit in and tie your message together quite nicely. Good job.
There is a lovely moral and nudge in this: caring about the needs of others. Whether or not we see visible rewards for things like this, there is always the sense of having helped someone in need. We need to remember we can be that way ourselves in a short time.
This was a delightful story to read. I applaud your faithfulness to the Lord and to His people. I wasn't sure if the theme topic ('In The Kitchen') really came through but i guess we'll see what the judges think. I liked the conneciton between the ideas of us doing for others what the Lord asks of us and Him taking care of our needs. Well done!
I love to hear about acts of kindness and charity like this. God blesses us when we reach out to those less fortunate. A very touching story. God bless1