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I like this a lot! The intermixing of the bloggers comments with the game and her personal thoughts was well done. I thought you did a wonderful job with the topic and felt the ending was a strong one. Nice work!
Nice job with this contemporary piece. I thought the overall entry was on topic and held my interest throughout. A powerful "wind-up" too!

God bless~
You kept me laughing throughout the piece. I especially enjoyed how 'the weather' kept playing with the blogger.
Being a Jeopardy fan, I absolutely loved this. Made me smile all the way through. Hmmmm, I wonder how Jeopardy would do IF it was all Bible questions. Good job. God bless!
This entry was very cleverly written. You need to take a little time to proof...I noted a couple spots where the sentence didn't make sense because it either had one too many words or a word was not included. Other than that, your entry was a delight to read. Again, it kept the interest of the reader throughout. Nicely done!
This was indeed a great story... I had a little trouble following the conversation at times, but the story was interesting enough to hold my attention.
I love the way the storm was woven into the plot. Good job!
I loved this. Your MC, with his cryptic remarks and sense of superiority drew me in immediately. I smiled here and there but the message you gave at the end really touched me. This week this question or one similar has been asked a lot. However with your Bible Jeopardy you put a fresh twist on it.
Congratulations for ranking 8th in level three!