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I loved the ending! With the little child running saying "I love you." That was so touching, and spoke volumes.

Fame is so many things to so many people. But for me, it has ALWAYS been love...And, LOVE is GOD. And, when we have LOVE that is the most important thing of all.

Good job with this. Thanks.

God Bless~
This is such a sweet story. I loved the message in it as it seemed you were headed towards the cliche` good guys finish last.

You had some errors that a challenge buddy or a critique group might pick up such as missing quotation marks, a stray period in the middle of a sentence and Your instead of You're.

The ending was so sweet. It just melted my heart. There is nothing quite like the adulation of a child. I also really enjoyed how you ended it. I thought maybe it would turn out she had been dreaming all the while. Your ending though really makes the point that some things are way better than fame and fortune. Great job.
This was such a delightful story; I had to laugh each time she came close to reaching her goal of fame. Then, you introduced the innocence of a child. They seem to bring out the best in we adults and you brought out your best in telling this delightful story. If you're interested in a little red ink, I'd like to point out that at the end of your story, there are a couple of places where you have an extra letter in a word, i.e, aof, instead of of; easily corrected by spellcheck. Excellent entry!
There were a few minor formating and punctuation issues, but oh my gosh it didn't matter! You had me at the dream! Monica is such a dear, lovable character I bonded with her immediately. She's so charitable, to the point of her own demise. (the least shall be the greatest). So true to life!

This was funny, poignant, and tender.
This poor MC was just missing out all over this world! Praise God that He never misses one thing in our lives!

I'm glad she knew the REAL important things in life!

Nice story.
Ah...I just loved Monica. She has such a good heart. So glad that she got her reward at the end in the adoration of the child. Children usually can tell who's a good person. God bless!