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Nice historical overview. Well written with supberb clarity, with so many important messages throughout the piece.

I liked this. Nicely done.

God bless~
This is a great story about Columbus. I believe the MC has far more knowledge of him than I do. Lately, it seems like Columbus Day is nothing but a reason for a long weekend. You did a nice job of reminding me why I was so fortunate to be born in the US.
This entry seems to have a lot of research and thought put into it. It is both a history lesson and reason to celebrate the fame of Columbus. Thanks!
I was totally blown away by your knowledge and background of Christopher Columbus. Two things come to mind; either you originally are from another country and did settle here in the United States and learned everything you could about America, or you've done your homework in preparation for this great story. Either scenario suits me and even if I'm wrong on both parts, this was a fantastic entry. It reminded me of how proud I am to be called an American!!! Excellent writing!
What a gracious piece done about Christopher Columbus, who was a very famous explorer in his day!

Very nice aspect of seeing it from outside America's eyes and stories!

Thank you!
Oh my, I felt a bit ashamed that someone not born here knows so much about Christopher Columbus.We take so much for granted. I love this entry with so much of our history packed into it. You did such a wonderful job and I'm very impressed with your knowledge. Thanks so much! I love this and hope it does well. God bless!